1.4.2 — Jun 30, 2019

  • Fixed a bug on the dates of the activities when the user isn't using Tripsy Cloud to sync the itineraries; The problem wouldn’t allow the user to input any time before the hour and minute the trip was created.


1.4.1 — Jun 22, 2019

  • Improved readability of Premium screen to make it more clear about what features are included on the subscription plan;
  • Fixed a bug on the widget when the next trip didn’t have any activity, but there was another trip in the future with activities;
  • Fixed a translation issue on the Apple Watch;
  • Fixed some English typos;


1.4.0 — May 30, 2019

  • Apple Watch: you can see the entire itinerary of your next trip, including details of the activities on your wrist. There’s also a lot of complications for you to use. Enjoy! :-)

  • Siri Shortcuts: now Tripsy will integrate with Siri; With that, you can see your next activities, next flight, and current hotel information. You can setup your shortcuts on preferences menu.

  • Today’s Widget: see the next activity of your trip from the locked screen or from Today’s widgets screen.

Other changes included on this update:

  • Added actions to the 3D Touch action on the cell of the trip;
  • Added support to hyperlinks into notes and description;
  • Better support on handling addresses, now it can be opened from the notes, description and also supports URLs (you can link directly to Airbnb, Booking, Google Maps, etc.);
  • Improved VoiceOver support overall in the app;
  • Fixed a bug related to the 12-hour clock being displayed as 24-hour clock style, sorry about that!


1.3.2 — May 8, 2019

  • Fixed issues caused in 1.3.1 by different timezones between device, trip and activities.
  • Introducing our Share Extension: add activities from other apps into your trip: Maps, Google Maps, Booking, Yelp, Foursquare and many more! You can even add activities from webpages.
  • We also fixed some bugs on this update.


1.3.1 — May 7, 2019

  • Introducing our Share Extension: add activities from other apps into your trip: Maps, Google Maps, Booking, Yelp, Foursquare and many more! You can even add activities from webpages.
  • We also fixed some bugs on this update.


1.3.0 — Apr 30, 2019

  • Now you can share your itineraries with others!!! Start sharing your trips with friends and family;
  • There's a new activity type for those who like exercising during a trip;
  • The duration of your flight, train and others is now being displayed on your activity details;
  • A new itinerary was added to Vancouver, 4 days;
  • Many improvements in our sync engine, sync is faster, lighter and more reliable now;
  • We reduced the size of the app from 8MB to 3MB now by updating it to use Swift 5.


1.2.4 — Apr 2, 2019

  • Fixed a bug where the day of the activity in other timezones would appear on the wrong day;
  • Fixed a bug where the "current trip" would appear in future trips in the last day of the trip.


1.2.3 — Mar 23, 2019

  • Fixed a bug on timezone dates when the difference was in between two different days.


1.2.2 — Feb 26, 2019

  • Fixed scrolling position to currennt day during the trip;
  • Fixed spacing on fields when adding a new activity;
  • Fixed showing GMT for the same timezone.


1.2.1 — Feb 20, 2019

  • Fixed a bug on date selector when having multiple timezones in any transportation.


1.2.0 — Feb 18, 2019

  • Automatic Flight Completion: when adding a new flight on your trip, you will inform the flight number and date, and Tripsy will try to find the other information for you: airports, departure and arrival times, terminals, gates, and baggage claim;
  • Flight Update Alerts: When adding a flight on Tripsy, Premium users now have the option to enable automatic updates on the flight.
  • When this option is enabled, users receive updates of times, terminals, gates and other information about the flight via push notification;
  • Support for different Timezones: now you can set a default timezone for your trip or activity, as you wish; So you can see exactly the time in each location that you will be in each of the activities;
  • Recurring Lodging Activity: now your lodging will appear (discreetly) on all days that it is present and not only on the day of check-in as in the past versions;
  • A new itinerary included: Rio de Janeiro in 5 days, full of activities for Premium users;
  • New categories of Activities: Kids, Relax and Shopping;
  • In addition to all this, of course, we also fixed several bugs.


1.1.1 — Jan 23, 2019

  • We added the year of the trip on the list when the year is different than the current one;
  • Now, all users can scroll into the list of activities of premium itineraries;
  • Fixed a bug when the app is not showing the seat number and seat class information;
  • Fixed a bug when a new trip is not showing immediately on iPads after creating it;
  • Fixed a bug when navigation bar was not showed on the activity screen if the user opens directly from the icon shortcuts.


1.1.0 — Jan 18, 2018

Traveling is creating stories, saving moments, and of course getting enthusiastic about the next destination.

Who does not like to pack, start preparing a script, or even make the list of trips already made? These feelings are common among us, travelers .

With that in mind, we have created a way to organize your travels just as they are part of your life. Now, you can view your next trip separately, the future ones and the ones that have already happened.

Also, in our last few trips, we realized that navigating between various transport or map applications and adding their destination to each one is not an easy task. Now tapping on any address added in Tripsy will give you service options like Lyft, Uber, CityMapper, Waze and Google Maps.

So, have you decided on your next destination? In this version we added an incredible script for Santiago, lasting 5 days, but you can always extend or reduce it according to your preference.

Besides, of course, we have made several bug fixes and usability improvements in the application.

We hope you enjoy this update! Any questions or feedback can be sent directly to feedback@tripsy.app.

Thank you and a great trip!


1.0.4 — Dec 11, 2018

  • Couple of updates on the UI and assets.


1.0.3 — Dec 2, 2018

  • Improvements on cloud sync, more frequent now, making sure that the sync between devices happen almost instantaneously;
  • Fixed "Lodging" icon on quick-actions;
  • Fixed duplicated description sometimes happening on the details of the activity;
  • Improvements on creating new activities.


1.0.2 — Nov 5, 2018

  • QUICK ACTIONS: Now you can see important information about your trips and activities directly from Tripsy icon, by using 3D Touch and seeing the options;
  • Fixes of bugs and improvements in the usability of the app.


1.0.1 — Nov 2, 2018

  • Now Pro users can also view the details of premium itineraries without having to add the trip to the account;
  • Bug fixes.


1.0.0 — Oct 25, 2018

First version in the App Store.