1. What does the Premium plan includes?

Premium plan now includes the following exclusive features:

  • Sync data between device
  • Share your trips with family and friends
  • Receive push notification about changes on your flights
  • Unlimited travels
  • Unlimited access to our suggestions of travel itineraries
  • You will be supporting our small team to continue to develop Tripsy.


2. How does Flight Update works?

Sometimes Tripsy won't have full information about your flight the moment you include in your itinerary. That happens because we usually have the information about any flight only 48 hours before the flight departure.

To keep your data updated, you need to be a Premium user and turn on the switch on the flight that says "Flight Updates". That will make Tripsy update regularly your data and send you a push notification about any changes that happen on the departure or arrival time, terminals, gates, and baggage claim of your flight.


3. How can I sync my trips and activities with other devices?

In order to sync information between devices you need to create a Cloud account in Tripsy and login on this account in all your devices. In order to do that, you need to go to Preferences screen and tap in "Save data in the cloud" button.


4. What is the Tripsy Cloud account?

Cloud account is a way for you to save your trips and activities in Tripy's Cloud system. It will serve you as an automatic backup and allow you to sync information between different devices using the same account.


5. Is my information being saved on the iCloud Backup?

If you have iCloud backup enabled, Tripsy information will be automatically added to your backup. You can read more about it here.


6. How can I cancel Tripsy Premium?

You can cancel your subscription here.