2.18.0 - Nov 27, 2023

  • Search trips by name, date, and activities on the trips list

  • Preference to set a default route app to be used when making a route to an activity

  • On the map, long-press any location to add the specific coordinate or address as an activity

  • Fixed a bug where the road trip activities on the calendar would display the initial address instead of the destination

  • Fixed a bug when the email had multiple activities and the email would not be attached to any of them

  • Fixed a bug when hotel check-in and check-out are at the same time, and check-out time would not appear on the itinerary

  • Fixed a bug where car rental activity would show a timezone difference when the drop-off location is in another timezone

2.17.16 - Nov 12, 2023

  • Flight Alerts received several improvements and new partners. We now support most airlines and airports worldwide. The number of alerts we detected increased by over 100% from the past release, most happening before the airline or airport reports it.

  • Moving activities and emails to a different trip will now show the upcoming trips first, making it easier for you to find the trip you want.

  • Fixed a bug when watchOS would not sync a trip.

2.17.9 - Oct 17, 2023

  • Now you can change your password from the Edit Profile screen if you need

  • Lodging activities will now display check-in and check-out times on the calendar integration

  • Parking activities have a drop-off and pick-up item on the itinerary instead of just drop-off

  • When searching for a flight that has multiple airlines with the same code, Tripsy will display all the possibilities

  • Fixed a bug where some attachments wouldn't show up on the email page

2.17.8 - Oct 13, 2023

  • This update includes the option to import all your trips and activities from TripIt for free

2.17.7- Oct 10, 2023

  • This release contains bug fixes related to our date picker and our sync engine

2.17.6- Oct 6, 2023

  • Rename the emails the way you prefer

  • 'Car Type' field on Car Rental & Roadtrip activities. They will be automatically filled when you forward a reservation that contains this information

  • Sync system improvements to work even when the device is in background

  • Ability to insert a manual flight in case you cannot find it or you’re flying private

2.17.5 - Oct 2, 2023

  • Fixes an issue when selection a time would select a day before

2.17.4 - Sep 28, 2023

  • Bug fixes

2.17.3 - Sep 25, 2023

  • Improvements to our sync engine, to make the sync happens faster and earlier

  • Fixes an issue on accepting an invite from a trip sharing

2.17.2 - Sep 23, 2023

  • Fixes a crash on macOS 13 on opening the activity on the map

2.17.1 - Sep 22, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where the date picker would select the wrong date

2.17 - Sep 12, 2023

Tripsy is updated for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, and watchOS 10.


  • Brand new watchOS app using the latest technologies, so the app is much faster than before. There are also new widgets for watchOS and support for the Smart Stack that will display your next activities. Tripsy for watchOS now requires watchOS 10 or greater to run.
  • New interactive widgets for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. The widget shows a list of activities for a specific category, and you can mark the activity as done or not. The same widget has a shortcut to open the whole list in the app or add a new activity to such a category.
  • New lock screen widgets: next activity, itinerary, and more detailed information about the next flight or transportation. It is a great way to catch up with what’s happening on your trip without even unlocking your iPhone or iPad. The widget highlights the most important information on a contextual basis, so if your train or flight is in the next hour, we will highlight the transportation number and departure time.
  • Map preferences setting: it’s possible now to configure to view or hide the routes on the map (for flights & other transportation methods). This makes the map view clean and easier to find the activities you’re looking for. The app is also always displaying the places you’re staying, even if you’re only filtering for a unique category. That helps you get a sense of the distance from your lodging to the activity.
  • Account information synced over keychain between devices. Now, when you set up a new device with Tripsy, it will automatically recognize the account and start syncing immediately with that data.
  • Updated the list of available airlines and airports with much more data.
  • When using our share extension from Google Maps, fetch all detailed information from the place (name, phone, website, etc.)


  • Update the collaborators' calendars when someone updates the trip information or delete an entire trip.
  • Update the timezone of a location when we don’t immediately have it from the search list.
  • Weather was showing a location sometimes, even when the activity ends on another day.
  • Fixed a crash when moving an activity from a category that would be empty.
  • Ignore attachments on emails that add no value.
  • Fixed macOS app size based on the macOS resolution.
  • Improvements to the loading state of all widgets.

2.16.12 - Aug 31, 2023

  • Resolves a bug when the date picker would show different dates from the trip dates in some rare cases

2.16.11 - Aug 22, 2023

  • Lots of improvements when using the share extension from Google Maps app or a Google Maps URL; Now Tripsy will have the name of the location, phone, website and more from all locations most of the time

  • Bug fixes and other improvements

2.16.10 - Aug 9, 2023

Fixed issue where the list of activities would be out of order sometimes

2.16.9 - Aug 7, 2023

Bug fixes

2.16.8 - Aug 3, 2023

  • New setting to disable the current/next trip to be opened as soon as the app starts

  • Fixed issue where sometimes an activity would be duplicated after syncing with the cloud

  • Other bug fixes and small improvements

2.16.7 - Jul 29, 2023

Bug fixes

2.16.6 - Jul 25, 2023

Bug fixes

2.16.5 - Jul 24, 2023

Bug fixes

2.16.4 - Jul 24, 2023

Bug fixes

2.16.3 - Jul 22, 2023

Bug fixes

2.16.2 - Jul 21, 2023

Bug fixes

2.16.0 - Jul 20, 2023

Bug fixes

2.15.13 - Jul 14, 2023

  • Fixed an issue when adding new activities via the Share Extension, the time would be saved with the wrong timezone, causing the itinerary to be out of the order expected

  • Other minor fixes and small improvements

2.15.12 - Jul 13, 2023

  • Fixed an issue when adding new activities via the Share Extension, the time would be saved with the wrong timezone, causing the itinerary to be out of the order expected

  • Other minor fixes and small improvements

2.15.11 - Jun 23, 2023

  • Fixed the issue when adding transportation on different timezone, and the time would be wrong after saving the activity

  • Fixed a crash on filtering the list of activities by date

2.15.10 - Jun 15, 2023

  • Fixed the issue when sometimes a few activities would have the wrong timezone

  • Fixed the issue when sometimes some activities would have no coordinates/map location

  • Indication of "Today" when selecting a date for any activity • Include the ability to buy Tripsy Pro Lifetime in the app

  • New screen to compare what's included on the Free vs. Pro version of Tripsy

2.15.9 - May 20, 2023

Bug fixes

2.15.8 - May 18, 2023

Bug fixes

2.15.7 - May 1, 2023

Bug fixes

2.15.6 - Apr 20, 2023

  • Improvements to the nearby locations search: hotels first, works offline & shows the list of activities even on error/failure

  • Date formatting adjustments on "next lodging" and "next activity" items

  • Make the car rental appear as the next activity on the trip dashboard (pick-up or drop-off)

  • Fixed timezone calculation for transports based on the end date, not departure

  • Fixed issues with searching for G3 (Gol) airline + number of the flight

  • Fixed issue wI date picker displaying the incorrect number of activities

  • Fixed issue w/ sync duplicating activities in some edge cases

  • Other small fixes and improvements to the app

2.15.5 - Mar 23, 2023

Bug fixes

2.15.4 - Mar 21, 2023

Bug fixes

2.15.3 - Mar 16, 2023

Bug fixes

2.15.2 - Mar 15, 2023

Bug fixes

2.15.1 - Mar 13, 2023

Bug fixes

2.15.0 - Mar 13, 2023


  • 10-day weather forecast: view the weather of each location and be ready for unexpected events

  • Timezone changes: know when there's a timezone change directly from your itinerary

  • Departure & Arrival times: view your transportation activities' departure and arrival times on the itinerary and activities list. If there's terminal gate information, it will also be available for you.

  • Get directions: your next activity will have a shortcut so you can quickly make a route using your favorite app.

  • Activities organized by location: going to several cities? Now there's a way to view the activities by location, so it's easier to see the places you're looking for

  • Day count: keep track of what day number you're on with our new day count feature. It may seem minor, but it can make a big difference!

  • Customizable trip dashboard: show or hide information such as your next flight, following activity, or current lodging.

  • New icons: 3 new fun app icons for you: Terminal, Baggage Claim, and X-Ray styles.

You can read all the details of this update in our blog post.

2.14.3 - Jan 30, 2023

Bug fixes

2.14.2 - Jan 23, 2023

Bug fixes

2.14.1 - Jan 22, 2023

Bug fixes

2.14.0 - Jan 18, 2023

When traveling to different cities and countries the lists of activities will be separated of them, making it easier to find the activity you're looking for.

2.13.3 - Jan 5, 2023

Bug fixes

2.13.2 - Dec 13, 2022

Bug fixes

2.13.1 - Dec 1, 2022

– New categories: Cafe & Parking

– Several bug fixes & small improvements

2.13.0 - Nov 15, 2022

Bug fixes

2.12.9 - Nov 10, 2022

Bug fixes

2.12.8 - Oct 28, 2022

Bug fixes

2.12.7 - Oct 25, 2022

This is our official update for macOS Ventura. You can now add activities to your trip directly from the map and use the Look Around feature ts see real pictures of the places you see on the map.

2.12.6 - Oct 18, 2022

Bug fixes

2.12.5 - Oct 11, 2022

Bug fixes

2.12.4 - Sep 30, 2022

Bug fixes

2.12.3 - Sep 23, 2022

Bug fixes

2.12.1 - Sep 12, 2022

Bug fixes

2.12.0 - Sep 10, 2022

This is our official iOS 16 update, with many improvements to make your trip planning even better and easier!


Introducing 4 new widgets for the Lock Screen:

– View your next fligth info

– View your next 3 activities

– A shortcut to any category in your next trip (e.g. access the flight's list, or the restaurant's list)

– Plain text with the next activity name, to be placed right on the side of the date (top of the Lock Screen)


A completely redesigned map view, embracing the new functionalities available on the map.

– We improved the way we zoom between activities and days, so it’s easier to navigate without losing any context

– The app also displays the new Look Around feature whenever it is available

– Add activities to Tripsy directly from the map. Just tap into any point of interested and add it if you want


Now, it's possible to search for a flight by typing the flight number, choosing the airports, or by choosing the airline + flight number separately.

It's much easier to find the right flight now with all these options. The app also suggests airports near your activities, so it's even easier to find them.


One of the most requested features by far, hehe. Now you can upload unlimited images to be your trip background.


When sharing a web link of your itinerary, you can control if you want to show or hide the documents; It's also possible to delete an existing link, so it will no longer be available.


Many bugs were fixed, and minor improvements to the app. We resolved issues where sync would not work correctly, and it's much more optimized.

2.11.0 - Ago 4, 2022

Bug fixes

2.10.12 - Jul 20, 2022

- Edit profile & delete account

- Bug fixes

2.10.11 - Jul 16, 2022

Bug fixes

2.10.10 - Jun 6, 2022

Bug fixes

2.10.9 - Jun 3, 2022

Bug fixes

2.10.8 - Jun 2, 2022

Bug fixes

2.10.7 - May 28, 2022

Bug fixes

2.10.5 - Apr 11, 2022

- Fixed a bug in our premium itineraries

- Fixed a bug in our calendar integration

2.10.4 - Apr 9, 2022

- Fixed a bug in our small widget

2.10.3 - Apr 4, 2022

- Fixed a bug where dates would be wrong when creating a new trip with some specific timezones

2.10.2 - Mar 22, 2022

- Improved the download of all documents;

- Fixed a bug where the document would not be cached;

- Fixed a bug where the timezone difference label would be cut;

- Fixed a bug where notes would not show “…” in there there was more text;

- Fixed a bug where locations on the map would not be presented;

- Fixed a bug where check-out would display after check-in on the itinerary, even when there were no dates specified to the activity;

2.10.1 - Mar 14, 2022

This update resolves one crash introduced in our last update.

2.10.0 - Mar 14, 2022

**** Web Preview of the Itinerary ****

Now you can share a public link of your itinerary with anyone (literally anyone) to view the activities and documents of your trip. It has a really nice design and all of the information that you need from the places. The web page is read-only, so it’s not possible to collaborate from it.

With this feature, if the person you’re collaborating with doesn’t want to install the app or want to view it from Windows, Linux or anywhere else, they have the freedom to choose. We are very excited about what possibilities having a web view of Tripsy will do!

**** Forward anything, Tripsy will have a place for it ****

This is an evolution of our Tripsy Automation feature. In the past releases, you would send your reservations, and then we would parse the activities (if we could) and add them to your itinerary automatically, with all parsed information organized. This is still happening, and every day it gets more powerful, with more parsers support. But we improved this feature beyond the parsers we support.

Email can be useful for many things. They contain such important information and attachments that we cannot limit them. So they have a place on Tripsy now. From this release, all emails that you forward to Tripsy will have a place and a way to organize the trip — even if they get parsed by us, you will have access to the email they sent all the time (even offline).

Few examples of emails that can be useful:

- Recommendations from friends about a place to visit

- Newsletters from travel magazines that got you covered with valuable links and references

- Your notes that you just wanted to forward to Tripsy and have it saved for quick access later

- Documents that are important to you, sometimes it’s easier to send them over email rather than uploading in the app

There are infinite ways to take advantage of this feature, so we are very excited to release that!

2.9.10 - Jan 26, 2022

This update resolves one crash introduced in our last update.

2.9.9 - Jan 19, 2022

- Fixed bug with invites for trips without dates;

- Fixed issue on moving activities to trips without dates;

- Other improvements, and one big surprise coming...

2.9.6 - Jan 4, 2022

This update resolves some crashes and bugs.

2.9.5 - Dec 2, 2021

This update resolves some crashes and bugs.

2.9.4 - Dec 1, 2021

This update adds support to Portuguese (Portugal), thanks to our lovely friend Ruben Dias. If you know some language that we don't support yet, and want to help us supporting it, we will be really happy to give you a 1-year subscription for free. Contact us at support@tripsy.app.

2.9.3 - Nov 25, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.9.3 - Nov 25, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.9.2 - Nov 22, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.9.1 - Nov 18, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.9.0 - Nov 18, 2021

Have many trips you want to do, but don’t know when (who doesn’t really?!)? Now this update is for you! With Tripsy you can now create plans for the future, that don’t have a specific date yet. Just start the plan, start adding your activities and places you want to visit. Later, you can set the dates for it, and the activities will update accordingly.

This update also improves a lot the search for activities. Now we have other data sources that might result in a better result, and you can also use expressions, such as “Coffee near Eiffel Tower” to find the place you’re looking. Stay tuned for even better improvements in our search results in the future, with more detailed information about each location.

2.8.4 - Oct 31, 2021

- Now on calendar sync, there is also an “all-day” event for the entire trip;

- Fixed a bug where order of the activities could be wrong in some cases, when looking at a specific category list;

- Fixed a bug where the list would not scroll to current trip on app startup;

2.8.3 - Sep 25, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.8.2 - Sep 24, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.8.1 - Sep 20, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.8.0 - Sep 18, 2021

This update brings a lot of new things and improvements to the app, and it’s the official iOS 15 update for Tripsy.

* Brand new beautiful icon for all platforms

* Better font size, color, and spacing overall in the app

* View your flights on the map

* Select your favorite icon between 13 new classic choices

* Hide your past trips if you prefer to have a clear view on your trips list

* New extra large widget available for iPadOS 15, with trip shortcuts on the side

* New small widget, with a shortcut/view for a specific category in your trip: restaurant, flights, car, etc. You can have multiple widgets and choose different categories to each as well ;-)

* Quick-note feature on iPadOS 15: when viewing an activity, you can use the quick-note feature to quickly generate a link and open the activity later; Very useful when taking notes and using Tripsy at the same time.

* Paginated results when looking for a background image (and better quality)

* New preferences screen, cleaner and easier to find the options

* Reminders before your trip starts, to start organizing and start packing

* When duplicating an activity, the app will now immediately ask for the date of the new activity, since it’s a common action

Fixes and improvements:

* Fixed sharing menus on macOS/iPadOS that were out of place

* Fixed issue with dashboard icons changing colors when the phone was in dark mode & then later light more

* Fixed: sort of the results by distance when searching for an activity

* Fixed: removed “Notes” from calendar sync

* Fixed: issue with sync when updating an entry right after inserting it

* Fixed flow when adding new transportation methods via activities list or long-press

2.7.0 - Aug 11, 2021

* Calendar Sync: now you can see your activities on your Calendar! With all the details that you need: reservation codes, phone numbers, websites, etc. You can also share a calendar feed URL with anyone you want, and include in any calendar app you want to use. We hope you enjoy this feature!

* Renaming documents is now possible from inside the documents list, and the activities documents as well (by long pressing the document)

* It’s possible to hide the “Past Trips” banner now in your trips list

* You can now share you trip image directly to Instagram Stories

* Many bug fixes and small improvements

2.6.8 - Jul 26, 2021

* When tapping an activity on the Map, if the camera is too far away, the map will zoom it to see the place closer. That’s very useful when there are more than one activity on the same area.

* Added several options to activities when tapping with secondary click on macOS or long-pressing on iOS/iPadOS. You can quickly get directions, change dates, remove it, and more.

* Expanded the size of the most important modals in the app on macOS.

* Fixed some important random crashes that was happening during sync / documents sync.

* Improved the performance when resizing the window of the app on macOS.

* Added many options and keyboard shortcuts for macOS when viewing a trip or an activity. All of the options are available on the top menu of your macOS when the app is opened.

2.6.7 - Jul 16, 2021

* Fixed sorting of activities on itinerary when there was very early in the morning activities mixed with late night ones; This fix was also applied to the itinerary list on the map and activities list;

* Display a list to each type of activity on the dashboard instead of hiding the transportation and lodging ones;

* Fixed “Transfer” activities imported via email to be road trip instaed of car rental;

* Added a small tip on how to use share extension when adding a new activity;

* Better date picker support to avoid errors and negative dates when setting the date of an activity;

* Now it’s possible to add any transportation method using the Share Extension as well, except for flights at the moment;

* Fixed a rare bug where sync would not include one trip to the cloud, and sync again all trips and activities affected by this bug;

2.6.6 - Jul 8, 2021

* Fixed a bug where selecting an activity from the map view would generate some UI issues;

* Added an option for “Tips & Tricks” on the Settings menu;

2.6.4 & 2.6.5 - Jun 29, 2021

* Fixed several small crashes that were happening in some edge cases;

* Fixed an issue with itinerary buttons on the map view for macOS;

* Fixed an issue when push notifications permission wouldn’t be requested on macOS;

* Fixed a bug where removing a date from an activity would not remove the “period” (morning | afternoon | night);

* Fixed a bug where selecting an activity from the map view would generate some UI issues;

* Added an option for “Tips & Tricks” on the Settings menu;

2.6.3 (macOS only) - Jun 21, 2021

* Fixed a crash on macOS Catalina (10.5.x) where opening any map screen would crash the app;

2.6.2 - Jun 20, 2021

* Fixed: push notifications on macOS were not syncing data in the background;

* Fixed: macOS was not syncing data when going to the background, or coming back from the foreground;

* Fixed: search flight button was not visible on macOS;

* Fixed: map view was not smooth to zoom into activities, and was causing some UI issues on macOS;

* Fixed: OK button was too big on flight number help screen;

* Fixed: transportations with no specific time was showing wrong time/period in map view;

* Fixed: when changing the time of a specific activity, sometimes the period was not being updated;

* We’ve removed the top toolbar from the title bar on macOS;

2.6.1 - Jun 16, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.6.0 - Jun 15, 2021

* We always think about getting your trip plannings easier, so we created a new feature. Now you can see the route with the time estimation and distance between the places of your activities by car, bus, train, ferry, motorcycle, bike, or on foot.

* New activity types for a road trip, bike, and motorcycle;

* New premium itinerary to Sydney: new itinerary for three days with nine activities specially curated by our team;

Aside from that, we also improved several parts of the app and fixed lots of bugs

2.5.8 - Feb 13, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.5.7 - Feb 9, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.5.6 - Feb 3, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

2.5.5 - Nov 26, 2020

- Keyboard shortcuts support;

- Pointer support for iPad OS;

2.5.4 - Oct 8, 2020

Bug fixes and improvements

2.5.3 - Oct 6, 2020

Bug fixes and improvements

2.5.2 - Oct 3, 2020

Bug fixes and improvements

2.5.1 - Sep 16, 2020

Bug fixes and improvements

2.5.0 - Sep 16, 2020

We are very excited to share the iOS 14 update with you!


- Small, Medium, and Large widgets that will display the next activities of your current or next trip; You need to have an active trip in order to have data here;

- Small widget that shows you an overview of your current / next trip;

- When you don't have a trip, we will suggest a random destination to you;

Other updates included:

- iOS 14 support;

- New calendar view when creating/editing a trip;

- Several improvements on the way we sync/update data with the cloud (under the hood improvements);

2.4.6 - Sep 12, 2020

This update includes a much better search for activities!

Now you can search only activities near the places you are going, around a specific city or region, or around your location. The app will also show you how far is the distance between the region you are looking for, and the place on the search results.

We also fixed several small bugs, and improved the contrast of the colors when using dark mode.

2.4.5 - Aug 31, 2020

This update includes a much better search for activities!

Now you can search only activities near the places you are going, around a specific city or region, or around your location. The app will also show you how far is the distance between the region you are looking for, and the place on the search results.

We also fixed several small bugs, and improved the contrast of the colors when using dark mode.

2.4.4 - Aug 12, 2020

This update includes a much better search for activities!

Now you can search only activities near the places you are going, around a specific city or region, or around your location. The app will also show you how far is the distance between the region you are looking for, and the place on the search results.

We also fixed several small bugs, and improved the contrast of the colors when using dark mode.

2.4.3 - Jun 29, 2020

- Improvement of the searching/location of places process

- Bugs fixes.

2.4.2 - Jun 20, 2020

- Improvement of the searching/location of places process

- Bugs fixes.

2.4.1 - Jun 18, 2020

Bug fixes and improvements

2.4.0 - Jun 4, 2020

See all your activities on the map!

Since the Tripsy 2.0 update, we have been talking about the possibility to see all activities, categories, and itineraries in a map view. Besides, it was one of the most requested features by our users.

We've collected information, and after many tests, we found a solution!

Now, by clicking a button on your dashboard or categories' and itineraries' toolbar, you can access an immerse map view.

1. View activities all at once

It is the first option when entering the map. You will have an overview of your itinerary.

2. Use the categories of the itinerary as filters on the map.

By touching on one of them, only the activities of that category will be in focus.

3. Itinerary organized on the map mode.

By touching on a day, it is possible to see the activities of that day in focus on the map.

During the trip, you will notice some different behaviors on the map, such as the buttons Today and Tomorrow, which will appear on the itinerary. This way, you will have a shortcut to see only the activities of that day.

Now, you don't have to waste time trying to find yourself on map apps before leaving the hotel. :)

By touching on the map pin, you will see the information of that activity and the possibility to view it in other location apps.

Besides, this update also brings:

New filters:

- Two new filters were created, one on your activities list, and the other one on the itinerary.

- With them, you can decide how you will view your list, by day or by category.

- These filters are at the bottom of your lists.

Sharing on social networking

On the sharing button, besides inviting anyone you want to, now, you can post an image of the trip on your social networking.

Reset password:

We added the option to reset your password during the login, in case you forget.

Other improvements

- Improvement of the searching/location of places process

- Bugs fixes.

2.3.1 - Mar 31, 2020

- Bug fixes & small improvements.

- Introduced a temporary promotion for COVID-19 of 2 months free on pro subscription;

2.3.0 - Mar 4, 2020

On this update, we are very excited to present you the new design for the list of trips. We’ve been thinking about this list for a while now, and as the time has passed, we think we came to a great solution for you all to keep history of all your trips.

We’ve organized it in a time based list, separated by year and ordered in a way where you have your past trips in the top, and present / future trips in the bottom.

We think this way will be a lot easier for you to find the trip you are looking for, and also have a much more pleasant way to create your future adventures.

Other than that, we’ve also made several fixes and improvements into the app:

- You can now tap on the address and name of an activity to copy it very quickly;

- We are now displaying also the day of the activity on the widget;

- When you change between specific date and pre-defined date on the date picker, it will now maintain the previous time selected instead of resetting it;

- Fixed a bug where the next activity would be a note that was recently created;

- Fixed a bug where some buttons wouldn’t be accessible when creating a new activity if the keyboard was opened;

- Fixed a bug where it was impossible to see what you were writing in a really long note document;

- Fixed a bug where sometimes Apple Sign In would fail the first time in a new device;

- Fixed a bug where sometimes the activities order wouldn’t respect the period selected (now it’s first morning, afternoon and then night);

2.2.6 - Jan 22, 2020

Bug fixes and improvements

2.2.5 - Jan 15, 2020

Bug fixes and improvements

2.2.4 - Jan 15, 2020

Bug fixes and improvements

2.2.3 - Jan 14, 2020

- Duplicate activities: did you love a restaurant and want to come back on another day? You can duplicate and organize it on your itinerary, so you don't have to search for it every time.

- Move Activities: are you organizing a long trip and need to divide it into many different ones? Don't worry, you can move activities among them.

- Change Category: have you added an activity, but you would like to change its category? Now, you can edit it anytime you want.

Other changes:

- Show all documents together, including from activities, inside the "Documents" section;

- Always view the next activity in your dashboard, with easy access to it all the time;

- Added new timezones to the list that were missing;

- Show "drop-off" event for car rentals;

- Fixed a problem when the invitation link wouldn't open;

- Fixed a problem when using shortcuts wouldn't open the activity or trip;

- Fixed a problem when a document wouldn't open;

2.2.2 - Dec 20, 2019

Bug fixes and improvements

2.2.1 - Nov 27, 2019

Bug fixes and improvements

2.2.0 - Nov 26, 2019

Tripsy Automation: Forward reservation emails to Tripsy, and we will organize it for you in the app. ⭐️

2.1.1 - Oct 11, 2019

Bug fixes and improvements

2.1.0 - Oct 9, 2019

- Added support to flights with two segments or more; Now you can choose what routes you want to import if a flight number happens in different routes;

- New categories: Meeting, Event, and Bar & Party;

- Free users can now add documents when they are collaborators in a premium trip;

- Drag & Drop documents into the trip;

- Import documents into the trip from the Share Extension;

- Fixed a bug where Directions button wouldn’t work;

- Improved the way we handle the map view, now it’s way faster and more reliable;

- Other small bugs & crashes fixed;

2.0.3 - Oct 2, 2019

Bug fixes and improvements

2.0.2 - Oct 1, 2019

Bug fixes and improvements

2.0.1 - Sep 25, 2019

Bug fixes and improvements

2.0.0 - Sep 19, 2019

Tripsy 2.0 has come exclusively for iOS 13 and with great news.

During couple of months, we were entirely focused on the new version developing many improvements that were suggested by you (Thank you very much!)


When entering your trip, you can organize and view it in a different and practical way with:

* Access button to your itinerary and a counter of the total number of travel days;

* Access to documents;

* Quick access to flights and lodging;

* Lists by kind of activities.


When adding a new activity it will be possible doing a search for addresses or locations, making the autofill of this activity details easier.


A map will be automatically added in all activities which the addresses were included, so it can help you see what's around .


We've created a new experience for you to choose the best day and time to add your activities to your itinerary. Now, it's possible to choose among morning, afternoon or evening, it's not necessary adding an exact time.


You can customize your travel itinerary by choosing a background image or color that matches with you and your trip.  


You can store all your images, notes, videos and documents and use them to create a travel journey, a memory to remember in the future or anything you want to. You can also share them with guests.


Now, the premium itineraries have cover photos that were selected by our team, besides a brief intro of each city.


This new version supports the iOS Light and Dark Mode theming, making the app experience even more integrated with your preferences.


When including hotel reservations, restaurants or flights on Tripsy, Siri will ask you if you want to add these events to your calendar, alerting you which is the best time to leave in time for your activities.

**IPAD OS:**

Tripsy has a new and suitable app for iPad.

The travel lists were specially projected for it, they can also be used in the Split View, for example: at the same time you see your favorite map. Not to mention the many experience improvements to make the app unique.

1.4.1 - Jun 22, 2019

* Improved readability of Premium screen to make it more clear about what features are included on the subscription plan;

* Fixed a bug on the widget when the next trip didn’t have any activity, but there was another trip in the future with activities;

* Fixed a translation issue on the Apple Watch;

* Fixed some English typos;

1.4.0 - May 30, 2019

* **Apple Watch:** you can see the entire itinerary of your next trip, including details of the activities on your wrist. There’s also a lot of complications for you to use. Enjoy! :-)

* **Siri Shortcuts:** now Tripsy will integrate with Siri; With that, you can see your next activities, next flight, and current hotel information. You can setup your shortcuts on preferences menu.

* **Today’s Widget:** see the next activity of your trip from the locked screen or from Today’s widgets screen.

Other changes included on this update:

* Added actions to the 3D Touch action on the cell of the trip;

* Added support to hyperlinks into notes and description;

* Better support on handling addresses, now it can be opened from the notes, description and also supports URLs (you can link directly to Airbnb, Booking, Google Maps, etc.);

* Improved VoiceOver support overall in the app;

* Fixed a bug related to the 12-hour clock being displayed as 24-hour clock style, sorry about that!

1.3.2 - May 8, 2019

* Fixed issues caused in 1.3.1 by different timezones between device, trip and activities.

* Introducing our Share Extension: add activities from other apps into your trip: Maps, Google Maps, Booking, Yelp, Foursquare and many more! You can even add activities from webpages.

* We also fixed some bugs on this update.

1.3.1 - May 7, 2019

* Introducing our Share Extension: add activities from other apps into your trip: Maps, Google Maps, Booking, Yelp, Foursquare and many more! You can even add activities from webpages.

* We also fixed some bugs on this update.

1.3.0 - Apr 30, 2019

* Now you can share your itineraries with others!!! Start sharing your trips with friends and family;

* There's a new activity type for those who like exercising during a trip;

* The duration of your flight, train and others is now being displayed on your activity details;

* A new itinerary was added to Vancouver, 4 days;

* Many improvements in our sync engine, sync is faster, lighter and more reliable now;

* We reduced the size of the app from 8MB to 3MB now by updating it to use Swift 5.

1.2.4 - Apr 2, 2019

* Fixed a bug where the day of the activity in other timezones would appear on the wrong day;

* Fixed a bug where the "current trip" would appear in future trips in the last day of the trip.

1.2.3 - Mar 23, 2019

* Fixed a bug on timezone dates when the difference was in between two different days.

1.2.2 - Feb 26, 2019

* Fixed scrolling position to currennt day during the trip;

* Fixed spacing on fields when adding a new activity;

* Fixed showing GMT for the same timezone.

1.2.1 - Feb 20, 2019

* Fixed a bug on date selector when having multiple timezones in any transportation.

1.2.0 - Feb 18, 2019

* Automatic Flight Completion: when adding a new flight on your trip, you will inform the flight number and date, and Tripsy will try to find the other information for you: airports, departure and arrival times, terminals, gates, and baggage claim;

* Flight Update Alerts: When adding a flight on Tripsy, Premium users now have the option to enable automatic updates on the flight.

* When this option is enabled, users receive updates of times, terminals, gates and other information about the flight via push notification;

* Support for different Timezones: now you can set a default timezone for your trip or activity, as you wish; So you can see exactly the time in each location that you will be in each of the activities;

* Recurring Lodging Activity: now your lodging will appear (discreetly) on all days that it is present and not only on the day of check-in as in the past versions;

* A new itinerary included: Rio de Janeiro in 5 days, full of activities for Premium users;

* New categories of Activities: Kids, Relax and Shopping;

* In addition to all this, of course, we also fixed several bugs.

1.1.1 - Jan 23, 2019

* We added the year of the trip on the list when the year is different than the current one;

* Now, all users can scroll into the list of activities of premium itineraries;

* Fixed a bug when the app is not showing the seat number and seat class information;

* Fixed a bug when a new trip is not showing immediately on iPads after creating it;

* Fixed a bug when navigation bar was not showed on the activity screen if the user opens directly from the icon shortcuts.

1.1.0 - Jan 18, 2018

Traveling is creating stories, saving moments, and of course getting enthusiastic about the next destination.

Who does not like to pack, start preparing a script, or even make the list of trips already made? These feelings are common among us, travelers .

With that in mind, we have created a way to organize your travels just as they are part of your life. Now, you can view your next trip separately, the future ones and the ones that have already happened.

Also, in our last few trips, we realized that navigating between various transport or map applications and adding their destination to each one is not an easy task. Now tapping on any address added in Tripsy will give you service options like Lyft, Uber, CityMapper, Waze and Google Maps.

So, have you decided on your next destination? In this version we added an incredible script for Santiago, lasting 5 days, but you can always extend or reduce it according to your preference.

Besides, of course, we have made several bug fixes and usability improvements in the application.

We hope you enjoy this update! Any questions or feedback can be sent directly to feedback@tripsy.app.

Thank you and a great trip!

1.0.4 - Dec 11, 2018

Couple of updates on the UI and assets.

1.0.3 - Dec 2, 2018

* Improvements on cloud sync, more frequent now, making sure that the sync between devices happen almost instantaneously;

* Fixed "Lodging" icon on quick-actions;

* Fixed duplicated description sometimes happening on the details of the activity;

* Improvements on creating new activities.

1.0.2 - Nov 5, 2018

* QUICK ACTIONS: Now you can see important information about your trips and activities directly from Tripsy icon, by using 3D Touch and seeing the options;

* Fixes of bugs and improvements in the usability of the app.

1.0.1 - Nov 2, 2018

* Now Pro users can also view the details of premium itineraries without having to add the trip to the account;

* Bug fixes.

1.0.0 - Oct 25, 2018

First version in the App Store.