2.2.1 - Nov 27, 2019

2.2.0 - Nov 26, 2019

2.1.1 - Oct 11, 2019

2.1.0 - Oct 9, 2019

2.0.3 - Oct 2, 2019

2.0.2 - Oct 1, 2019

2.0.1 - Sep 25, 2019

2.0.0 - Sep 19, 2019

Tripsy 2.0 has come exclusively for iOS 13 and with great news.

During couple of months, we were entirely focused on the new version developing many improvements that were suggested by you (Thank you very much!)

NEW WAY TO ORGANIZE AND VIEW YOUR TRIP: When entering your trip, you can organize and view it in a different and practical way with:

SEARCH FOR PLACES WHEN ADDING AN ACTIVITY: When adding a new activity it will be possible doing a search for addresses or locations, making the autofill of this activity details easier.

VIEW THE MAPS DIRECTLY ON THE ACTIVITIES: A map will be automatically added in all activities which the addresses were included, so it can help you see what's around .

DAY AND TIME EDITION OF AN ACTIVITY: We've created a new experience for you to choose the best day and time to add your activities to your itinerary. Now, it's possible to choose among morning, afternoon or evening, it's not necessary adding an exact time.

PERSONALIZE YOUR TRIP WITH BACKGROUND IMAGES OR COLORS: You can customize your travel itinerary by choosing a background image or color that matches with you and your trip.

STORE IMAGES, NOTES, VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTS: You can store all your images, notes, videos and documents and use them to create a travel journey, a memory to remember in the future or anything you want to. You can also share them with guests.

NEW EXPERIENCE IN THE PREMIUM ITINERARIES: Now, the premium itineraries have cover photos that were selected by our team, besides a brief intro of each city.

DARK MODE: This new version supports the iOS Light and Dark Mode theming, making the app experience even more integrated with your preferences.

SIRI EVENT SUGGESTIONS: When including hotel reservations, restaurants or flights on Tripsy, Siri will ask you if you want to add these events to your calendar, alerting you which is the best time to leave in time for your activities.

IPAD OS: Tripsy has a new and suitable app for iPad. The travel lists were specially projected for it, they can also be used in the Split View, for example: at the same time you see your favorite map. Not to mention the many experience improvements to make the app unique.

1.4.2 — Jun 30, 2019

1.4.1 — Jun 22, 2019

1.4.0 — May 30, 2019

Other changes included on this update:

1.3.2 — May 8, 2019

1.3.1 — May 7, 2019

1.3.0 — Apr 30, 2019

1.2.4 — Apr 2, 2019

1.2.3 — Mar 23, 2019

1.2.2 — Feb 26, 2019

1.2.1 — Feb 20, 2019

1.2.0 — Feb 18, 2019

1.1.1 — Jan 23, 2019

1.1.0 — Jan 18, 2018

Traveling is creating stories, saving moments, and of course getting enthusiastic about the next destination.

Who does not like to pack, start preparing a script, or even make the list of trips already made? These feelings are common among us, travelers .

With that in mind, we have created a way to organize your travels just as they are part of your life. Now, you can view your next trip separately, the future ones and the ones that have already happened.

Also, in our last few trips, we realized that navigating between various transport or map applications and adding their destination to each one is not an easy task. Now tapping on any address added in Tripsy will give you service options like Lyft, Uber, CityMapper, Waze and Google Maps.

So, have you decided on your next destination? In this version we added an incredible script for Santiago, lasting 5 days, but you can always extend or reduce it according to your preference.

Besides, of course, we have made several bug fixes and usability improvements in the application.

We hope you enjoy this update! Any questions or feedback can be sent directly to feedback@tripsy.app.

Thank you and a great trip!

1.0.4 — Dec 11, 2018

1.0.3 — Dec 2, 2018

1.0.2 — Nov 5, 2018

1.0.1 — Nov 2, 2018

1.0.0 — Oct 25, 2018

First version in the App Store.